Wednesday, May 24, 2006


newspaper article about new subdivision near Dyersburg,Tennessee 38024

Just wanted to bring our readers up to date concerning the new lots I mentioned in two earlier posts. The developer is trying to get all the costs nailed down before he begins this new subdivision. As we mentioned earlier, the name of the new subdivision will be Saddle Ridge. I talked to the developer yesterday about this project and he said at least another 30-60 days before the dirt work begins.

An article was printed in the newspaper this morning and you can read an excerp here about the new subdivision

Thursday, May 18, 2006


Dyersburg home pricing strategy

Proper Pricing on New Listings
Should you start out with a HIGH listing price? Many sellers think there is nothing wrong with pricing a property "too high" when the listing is new because they can always lower the price later. I came across this article today that helps explain why this is a bad strategy.

Because of the change in real estate market conditions, more sellers are competing for fewer buyers. So once again, it seemed important to challenge a long-standing "myth" of real estate.

"The initial listing price isn't that important because the price can always be adjusted down later."

Many homeowners believe this.

It is a myth.

Not true.

If most buyers first viewed your house because of a newspaper ad, a magazine, the internet, brochures, or the sign in your front yard, the initial listing price probably would not make a difference. The house would always be "new" to those seeing it.

But most buyers do NOT come to your house because of various types of advertising. That is the another myth.

Sure, buyers call on an ad, they often LOOK at that house, but not always. Once they talk to an agent, they may discover it isn't what they need (or want) at all.

However, they ARE talking to an agent. That agent knows the current inventory and will know of other property that DOES fit their needs.

Those are the properties that buyers look at, and THIS is how most buyers end up looking at your house, too. Because of other agents, not because of your ad.

Hardly anyone buys the house in the ad.

As a result, you need to get other agents interested in your property, and this is where your listing agent comes in...and why a good listing agent is extremely important. The listing agent gets buyer's agents looking at your home.

Those agents have clients who called in on other properties.

Buyer's agents are not swayed by advertising. They look at the needs of the client, where the client wants to live, location, condition, and other details of the property...

And most importantly....


If your house is overpriced, agents are going to show similar homes that are priced more attractively. Your listing will get passed over.

Agents pay MOST attention to homes newly on the market. There are fewer NEW listings than current listings. It is easier to keep an eye out for what is NEW, compared to the vast number of current listings.

New listings are on the "hot" sheet circulated in real estate offices. The MLS computer identifies new listings. Your listing agent may hire a service to distribute fliers to all the buyer's agents. There are office previews and MLS tours to showcase new listings. A lot of attention is focused on what is NEW.

With agent's looking at newly listed homes so aggressively, a properly priced home gets attention.

An overpriced home gets passed over.

Continue reading the article here.

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