Friday, June 22, 2012


Dyersburg Real Estate Sales Numbers January-May 2012

In a prior post on Activerain, I discussed the Dyersburg real estate sales numbers for February, March and April 2012. In that post I discussed the fact that the numbers were up one month, flat one month and down one month.

Here are the results for January 2012 - May 2012 verses last year:
  1. For Dyersburg only- residential is up 15%(46 homes sold verses 40 last year)
  2. Average sales price in Dyersburg is $106,441 verses $75,962 last year(up 40%)
  3. For outside Dyersburg in Dyer County-residential is up 12%(38 homes sold verses 34 last year)
  4. Average sales price in Dyer county is $119,611 verses $99,076 last year(up 21%)
  5. For all areas that the Dyersburg MLS services-residential is up 52%(outlying areas beginning to rebound). 
The number of active listings have dropped considerable in the last few months and this is always a good indication of improvement.

My opinion is that the Dyersburg real estate market is making a slow recovery and prices are back up around 2004-2005 levels after having fallen 15-20% in some areas.

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