Thursday, August 26, 2010


Newbern,Tn Subdivision-Crowne Pointe Estates

Yesterday I wrote another article about a Newbern,Tn subdivision called Crowne Pointe Estates.

I got excited about this upscale subdivision because after pulling comparable sales for the neighborhood I found out that it is very comparable as a whole to the values found in Dyersburg's "Farms" neighborhood.

For anyone working in Newbern,Tn 38059 and looking to buy in the price range $160,000 and up,this is the first place I will take them. This neighborhood's values have not declined as a result of the economic downturn which helps me see that Crowne Pointe Estates is hot,hot,hot!

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Monday, August 23, 2010


New Dyersburg Pharmacy

Earlier today I did a post about a new independent pharmacy in Dyersburg. C&C Pharmacy just opened its doors and has their grand opening on Thursday Sept. September 9th. To read the entire informational post please click here.

If I can assist you with your relocation, give me a call. Mike Frazier-Realtor


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