Friday, July 17, 2009


Dyersburg real estate first time homebuyer seminar

A couple of weeks ago I blogged about our upcoming first time home buyers seminar.

Ten days ago we hosted that event and those that came enjoyed the door prizes, food and excellent information from three experts in mortgages,taxes and Rural Housing Development.

I blogged on another platform about this event and please click here to read the information that was discussed by the experts.


Wednesday, July 15, 2009


Dyersburg real estate foreclosures

I am working with a client who asked me how I know about all the foreclosures in Dyersburg. Here is the e-mail I sent her:


It was a pleasure to meet and talk to you the other day. I will be
diligently searching for that "right home" for your family.

Here are some links to Dyersburg foreclosures:

First one is HUD foreclosures. Just enter state then county.

Here is a link to Lankford Realty. He gets all the Fannie Mae foreclosures.
Just enter zip code of 38024. That should get the area you are looking in.

Here is the Jackson board of realtors site. Some realtors there get Ginnie
Mae foreclosures. Just enter Dyer County to see their foreclosures here. 99%
should be foreclosures that they have listed here.

There are other foreclosures that are assigned to realtors here in Dyersburg. About 4 realtors including myself are assigned these Dyersburg foreclosures to sell.

Hope this helps,



Monday, July 13, 2009


Dyersburg real estate market conditions

A few days ago, I wrote a blog post about the Dyersburg real estate market. I analyzed the data from our MLS and confirmed my suspictions that the Dyersburg market has turned.

For the first 6 1/2 months of this year, the Dyersburg market is down from last year but for the last 2-3 months, we have made the turn. The complete blog post can be viewed here.


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