Friday, February 17, 2006


new blog for Lakewood Community!!

I want to invite you to view my "new" blog titled "Lakewood community-lakefront properties". You can view it by clicking on the link over on the right side of this blog titled "lakefront/lake access property blog"

By creating this new blog, I can return to discussing market conditions in general in the Dyersburg area.

I will return in a few days with an update to market conditions!!!!

Tuesday, February 14, 2006


Lakewood and Valentine's day!!!

Happy Valentine's day everyone. Also, wanted to update the Florida people reading this blog and interested in purchasing lakefront properties specifically in the Lakewood community. Firt, let me say that we closed on the sale of 698 Oakridge today (to a Arkansas family). Also, we expect to close on the sale of another Lakewood home(just down from this home at 698 Oakridge)in just a few days.

I have been busy(just lately) sending out letters to homeowners in Lakewood trying to get more homes listed to sell. I also plan to start knocking on doors as the requests continue to come in for lakefront homes to purchase. If you are a Lakewood resident reading this blog please consider letting us list your home. We have buyers now!!! Do not wait until spring. Many families are coming up here in one to two weeks to find lakefront property.

Thursday, February 09, 2006


"Great Buy"

We are still really busy showing and selling homes but I just had a sales contract on a "value" priced home fall apart. This is a 4 bedroom 3+ bath home on 5 acres with a barn.The reason I mention it here is because of all the Florida people reading this blog regularily. This house and farm would be perfect for someone wanting to escape from the fast pace of Miama,Port Charlotte,Daytona beach or Sarasota Florida. This property is located just out from the city of Trimble about 20 minutes from Dyersburg. If you desire to be back in touch with nature near a small town atmosphere then this is the place. The kids or grandkids can ride their own horse inside the fenced pasture or just mess around in the barn with the chickens or "other critters".

The current owners just got transferred to the Nashville area(middle Tennessee) and they said to replace this they would have to spend $375,000. You can purchase this property today for just $197,500.

To learn more about this property just click on the property link over on the side of this blog titled "deal of the month"

Tuesday, February 07, 2006


tract builders

I mentioned in my last post about a prediction I want to make. Before I get to that let me say that I visited the county building department to see what is on the drawing board for new lots in the county. Daniel Cobb told me one new developer is putting in 17 lots from 1-2 acres on Hamer Road in the county.

It is my belief that in the next 3-6 months we will see at least one tract builder move into Dyer County,purchase a farm,develop 50-100 lots, then actually build the single family homes for resale. The conditions are right now for that to happen.I predict that we will see a tract builder from the Jackson,Tn area or Atoka/Munford area make the move to Dyer County. Time will tell if I am correct and if so this will alleviate some of the shortages we are experiencing in the $100,000-$175,000 price range.

Saturday, February 04, 2006


Observations while working this Saturday!!!

This morning I drove a client around wanting to move here from Memphis to retire. She is looking for a small farm to build a nice home on. They are tired of the hustle and bustle of the big city. We looked at 3 farms that met her criteria.

After she left the office, I went inside and started answering the phones. One family that called lives in West Palm Beach Florida and they are looking for a lake front home. I immediately mentioned to them the Lakewood community. We currently have one home on the lake listed there but we are set to close the sale on it in just a few days. As I mentioned in an earlier article, there is alot of interest in this house and in lakefront houses in general with most of the interest coming from Florida families. I have a Florida family that is set to purchase(closing March 3rd) another lakefront home in Lakewood once we work through the home inspection items found. This client mentioned to me yesterday that this year is predicted to be a more active year for hurricanes than 2005.

For all you Florida families reading this article, many of you have the same idea about moving to Tennessee. And, many Florida people are planning to come to Tennessee during spring break to look for houses. I guess that will prevent me from my usual spring break vacation to Destin,Florida.

Please come back for my next article. I have a prediction to make concerning new construction in the Dyersburg area. Good news(if I am correct) for homebuyers that plan a purchase in the next 12 months.

Thursday, February 02, 2006


"Still hot rolling into February 06"

Market is still moving really well as we move into February. I saw a slight easing of sales in last two weeks but I believe that can be attributed to a lower inventory of homes available to potential purchasers. Nice 3 bedroom 2 bath homes in the price range $85,000-$160,000 are what our customers and clients are looking for primarily.

As I mentioned in the last post, land is also in "big" demand for families wanting to build their dream home. If the home they want could be found on the market "already constructed" then many would opt to buy existing homes.

If you live in Dyersburg and are thinking about selling your home, there has absolutely never been a better time to sell(since 1989 when I started in real estate)
We are literally knocking on doors looking for homes for our clients. If you purchased your home 2 or more years ago and did not overpay for it, you should be able to list and sell your home and have money left over for downpayment on your next home. Call Mike Frazier or any of the agents at Carousel Realty today to begin the process of selling a home or purchasing a home. 800-896-8016 or local 285-2277
You will be glad you made the call!!!!!

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