Monday, March 22, 2010


World Color to Close in Dyersburg,Tn

The Dyersburg State Gazette newspaper carried a story late last week about the local Quebecor World color Press factory closing its doors. Here is a link to the story.


Tuesday, March 09, 2010


Search for Homes in Dyersburg Area

Are you moving to the Dyersburg Tennessee area? If so, Frazier Properties and Carousel Realty can assist you with that move. We either own or manage over 80 residential rental units and offer long term leases or short term leases to our clients we are assisting in purchasing a home in the Dyersburg Tn area.

To view our current availability for rentals just click this link. To view houses for sale in Dyersburg area code click here.

There are many people relocating to the Dyersburg area looking to rent short term until they get a feel for the area(that we can assist you with). We are here to help so just call 800-896-8016 or e-mail us


Sunday, March 07, 2010


More jobs openings in Dyersburg Tn area

The only way to stimulate the economy is with jobs. It's all about jobs.

A friend of mine Darrell Allgood is the plant controller at the Eaton Plant in Newbern,Tennessee. Darrell is a client of mine and I am always asking my business clients about their company and if they are hiring new workers.

When Darrell came in my Dyersburg office yesterday I asked him that question and he told me they could not find enough workers for all the orders they have. I immediately asked him to write out what he was looking for and here is his response:

Looking for dependable plant workers who aren't afraid of getting a little dirty.

Looking for an operations manager

Looking for 2 supply chain Sr. Buyer/Purchaser

Darell's plant make industrial rubber high pressure hoses for many uses. I also have another friend who has worked at this plant for a long time.

If you are interested in a great job with great pay and lots of hours then call 731-627-2531. Tell them Mike Frazier and Darrell Allgood sent you!

I just did another post about a Dyersburg swimming pool installer needing workers.

This information was also posted on Dyersburg Localism information with the hopes that people searching online for jobs in Dyersburg will also find it.

I truly believe the recession is over(at least for the Dyersburg Tn area). If you are considering a move to Dyersburg,Tennessee and want a job then this is a great place to find a job. Frazier Properties and Carousel Realty can offer you short or long term rentals until you are ready to let us assist you with your Dyersburg real estate purchase.


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