Saturday, September 17, 2011


Dyersburg Real Estate Market Conditions Sept. 2011

The Dyersburg real estate market conditions appear to be turning back positive once again. Although prices are generally 15-20% lower than they were in 2008. Back in late 2007 or early 2008 I did a post here stating that the market here was doing well subject to what happens to the national economy.

That statement would apply today as well. Our market appears to be on the mend but again subject to the national economy.

Although we have had a few plants to close in or near Dyersburg, the balance of the remaining plants appear to be doing quite well and many hiring new employees. I have written several posts about all the new jobs available in Dyersburg.

We have many who are moving into the Dyersburg area for jobs and those who are fortunate enough to have sold their homes back home are purchasing here. Today is Saturday and I am in the middle of negotiating a contract on a home I listed 2 days ago. Not bad huh?
I have a house sale closing on Monday. All of my agents are showing properties and closing on house sales. This kind of reminds me of 2007 and before when sales were doing well. Time will tell!

If you are moving to the area here and need a real estate professional to help you buy your Dyersburg home, call or text Mike at 731-589-7841.


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