Wednesday, September 02, 2015


Relocating To Dyersburg With Plans To Purchase A Home But In Need A Short Term Rental First

Are you relocating to Dyersburg with plans to purchase a home but in need of a short term rental first? 

I would highly recommend you enlist the help of one of the best Realtors in Dyersburg that will assist you with a short term rental until we find you that perfect home to purchase.

Carousel Realty either owns or manages about 80 rental properties consisting of single family homes and apartments. I am Mike Frazier the owner of Carousel Realty.

My agents and I in addition to our support staff are all here to help you with "all" your real estate needs.

If you work with me or any of my highly trained affiliate brokers to purchase a home, you will have the benefit of renting short term from Carousel Realty.

Please don't hire an agent(non Carousel) and then call us for a short term rental. All our short term rentals are for our buying clients.

We are your one source real estate company dedicated to being Dyersburg's professional realtors and we are good at what we do so give us a call at 731-285-2277.

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