Tuesday, November 28, 2006


Dyersburg,Tennessee real estate market is up!

I just got finished reading an article on money.cnn.com written by Chris Isidore. Chris discusses the real estate market across the country with the general trend down across the board. I have posted a link to that article over on the right entitled "CNN money real estate"

Chris in particular looked at what the median price for homes has done for the month of October 06 verses October 05.

I was very curious what our own market did but ran the numbers for our entire MLS for residential sales(median price for home) for Jan 1- October 31, 2006 and ran the same period for 2005.

The median price for homes for 2005 was $84,000 and the median price for 2006 (same period) was $85,450. That is an increase of 1.7%. I believe Chris Isidore wrote that the median price nationally dropped over 3%. This only confirms what I have been posting in this blog that the Dyersburg real estate market is alive and doing very well.

Monday, November 20, 2006


California folks moving to Tennessee!!!

I just wrote a sales contract this morning for a customer moving here from California. I have been writing several contracts lately for California people relocating to this area. Up until the last three months, I was helping more Florida residents relocate here.

They are all saying the same thing; "I want to get out of the rat race and purchase reasonable priced real estate and just slow down a little". They like our tax structure and what Dyersburg,Tennessee has to offer. If you are reading this and want to relocate here to Tennessee, please contact us at 800-896-8016. If you are a Dyersburg resident reading this and want to sell your home, this is the time to list. I have been in the real estate business since 1992 and I have never seen the real estate market like it is right now. We are truely a micropolitian area that is "taking off".

Wednesday, November 08, 2006


Election over and Dyersburg real estate continues to do well!!

Isn't it great to have the election behind us? For all you out of town readers, we just replaced our long term mayor and three of our alderman. Looking forward, I believe the newly elected officials will continue to move Dyersburg forward, perhaps at a quicker pace. I congratulate our new mayor elect John Holden, new alderman elect Bart Williams, Shannon Walker and Kevin Chaney. I truly believe all of these men will do a fantastic job. I would also like to thank the current mayor Bill Revell for serving this community as mayor for 26 years. My family and I have known him a long time. He has done great things for our community and is instrumental in getting future I69 running right through Dyer county. Our out going aldermen Howard Guthrie, Bob Dean and James Lee have all been right there with the mayor moving Dyersburg forward and all of these men should be proud of all their accomplishments.

Now what does all this mean for Dyersburg and the real estate market here? Well for starters, the local people can again focus on their plans for buying and selling homes. For the last several weeks(until 2 weeks ago) the local residents have been buying and selling at a brisk pace. The election is over, the temperature is in the high 60's,the sun is shining bright and our farmers appear to have a bumper crop. Our local real estate activity will resume where it left off a couple of weeks ago.

I am sure our out of town buyers will continue to buy at a good pace. The factories in the area are at full production,our newest announced industry coming to Dyersburg (NSK) who will produce steering columns for the automotive industry, will be relocating people to get the factory ready to open. There was an article about the new plant in our local paper(State Gazette) yesterday. I will post a link to that article over on the right entitled (NSK preparing to open facility)

Wednesday, November 01, 2006


Dyersburg,Tennessee great place to retire also!

I just read an article listing Memphis,Tn as one of the top 5 places(in USA) to retire as per AARP magazine. An excerp will follow in next paragraph and then if you want to read the entire article, the link will be over on the side entitled "dream town". You may be asking yourself why Mike Frazier would write about this? Dyersburg is only 80 miles north of Memphis and it is true that many of us go to Memphis regularily for shopping or to medical specialists. The cost of living and housing prices are actually lower here than in Memphis. We can enjoy all the amenities of Memphis while living here in a little slower paced environment. Actually, many people are moving here to retire for these reasons.

Memphis, TN, was selected by AARP as one of five "great places
to retire."

We hired a team of researchers to come up with the cheapest
states to live in as a retiree, based on income, property, and sales
taxes. We then factored in weather, recreational opportunities, and
livability (access to health care and transportation), and came up
with five great places to retire.

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