Thursday, August 24, 2006


Dyersburg market not in slump!

I have been reading news headlines how the real estate market is really slowing down. Many people will read or watch this and decide that it is true and then will contribute themselves to a perceived slowdown or actual slowdown(by not buying real estate). I have decided that most of the news we see or read is not true but fabricated to make money.

Now as far as the Dyersburg market, our fundamentals are still good with factories at full speed. Also, with the announcement of the new factory coming, that should add to the demand on the labor market which will ultimately push wages up.

I have however noticed a little slowdown in new construction. After studying this, I have decided that this slowdown was caused by a lack of affordable lots.

With the new home slowdown this puts more upward pressure on prices and demand of single family homes.

There are still some good bargains out there and with a good realtor to guide you, the buying process will go smoothly. We are very busy here at Carousel Realty but never too busy to assist you with all your home buying and selling needs.

Friday, August 11, 2006


Current market conditions for 38024 and surrounding areas

I just wanted to update my readers about the real estate market in Dyersburg today. Many realtors in other companies are complaining about slow market conditions and they attribute it to the heat.

My agents and I at Carousel Realty are very busy right now . About 50% of our business is coming from local people and the balance from people moving in from out of state.

The local business we are getting is because of word of mouth and referrals. We have a very good reputation here in Dyersburg,Tn and lots of satisfied prior clients. We always put our clients best interest ahead of our own and strive to make customers for life. Repeat customers are the life blood for realtors and their company.

The out of town people are finding us on the internet. My staff and I spend a lot of time updating and optimizing our websites. As I said earlier, currently 50% of our business is coming from the internet.

Tuesday, August 01, 2006


Dyersburg and surrounding area market numbers!!!

Just wanted to post some hard numbers for listed property sold through our MLS for the years 2004 and 2005 and Jan 1-July1, 2006.

For the year 2004 and for Dyersburg and the counties we cover Dyer,Lake,Crockett, and Gibson and Lauderdale

Total sales for residential, commercial,land $55,180,419

Average price per home sold $92,199

Now jumping forward to 2005 for Dyersburg and surrounding areas

Total sales for residential, commercial ,and land $57,323,798 increase of $2,143,379(3.9%)

Average price per home sold $95,222 increase of $3023.00(3.3%)

Now jumping to current year Jan 1 - July 1 $29,697,579 (05 same period-$28,513,768)

That is an increase of $1,183,811 (4%) and average price per home for same period$96,330(05) and average price per home in (06) $103,117 which is an increase over 05 of $6787 (7%)

Let me summarize these numbers then tell you what I think:

1. Our total real estate sales jumped 3.9% from 2004 to 2005 with average price jumping 3.3%
2. Our total real estate sales jumped 4% (so far) from 2005 to 2006
3. Average price per home jumped 7% from same period 2005

We are in a growing economy with home prices being pushed up because of more demand than supply. Our factories are all doing well and factories in adjourning areas are also doing well.

I believe Dyersburg is becoming more micropolitian and will continue to grow even more. We are not in a housing bubble in our area as these numbers show and I believe the growth rate for sales and average price per house will continue to do very well.

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