Wednesday, June 28, 2006


Most vacations over and people looking to move!!

Wanted to update my readers on what is going on here in the Dyersburg real estate market. For the last 2 weeks(until 2 days ago), the number of real estate calls has decreased greatly. As I recall, it also slowed down this time last year. I would suspect that people are only thinking about and taking vacations. That is also the case for many of my agents.

For last two days, the phones have started ringing and appointments made to view properties.
Also, for the last two days, my personal real estate website has had a large increase in viewers of properties. I believe that is an indication that the vacations are about over and people want to get moved before school starts back. I have this friday booked with out of town clients coming to look at homes.

To view homes online for Dyersburg area, you have a couple of options. One, hit search engines for Dyersburg real estate and view websites for individual companies and or agents or two, go to and put in Dyersburg to view our entire MLS. Right now, the only MLS feed goes to The properties listings are often out of date on so I do not recommend that option for "fresh" information. In the next couple of months, many of the realtors here will have an IDX feed on their sites.

If I were moving to the Dyersburg area, I would go online, type in Dyersburg real estate in my favorite search engine and pull up individual and or company websites that rank near the top. Then I would pick out one top notch realtor and e-mail him giving him your information and let him hyperlink you MLS sheets for properties that meet your requirements. One agent working exclusively for you(but paid by seller) is the route to go.

Tuesday, June 20, 2006


market conditions today!!!

The market here in the Dyersburg Tennessee area is still very strong. We still have alot of out of town people moving into the area and alot of locals moving up. The factories/plants are doing very well with many of them rotating in management people who stay on average 2-3 years.

Nucore Steel in Blytheville,Ark. is hiring alot of people who in turn want to live in Dyersburg(with 45 minute drive to and from work) verses living in Blytheville and surrounding area. Dyersburg just has so much more to offer as far as homes and neighborhoods, shopping, schools, doctors, etc.

My agents and I are selling alot of property. We know this market very well and will be glad to assist you with your move to our area. Call us today at 800-896-8016 and we will ship out your free relocation package and discuss the details of your relocation.

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