Friday, January 11, 2013


Dyersburg Real Estate Sales Statistics 2012

Looking for Dyersburg real estate sales statistics for 2012? Here is what happened in the Dyersburg real estate market area in 2012.

For the entire area that our Dyer County Board of Realtors covers total residential sales were 361 houses verses 316 for 2011. This equates to total sales for 2012 at $32,048,412 verses $30,645,996 for 2011. Most of this growth was in the county and surrounding counties. Home sales in Dyersburg actually dropped from 129 home sales in 2011 to 110 homes sold in 2012.

The farm sales in our entire MLS were $9,974,154 (2012) verses $2,941,630 for 2011. That is almost a fourfold increase over 2011.

Here is my take on all these numbers:

The first part of the year in 2012 was much better than the last 3 months of 2012. This could be partly to blame because of the election. Dyersburg foreclosures continued to plague our market with a 30-40% market share. I am happy to report that foreclosures appear to be on the decline in last few months and a smaller portion of our overall sales.

January 2013 is starting out pretty strong and I expect an increase over January 2012.

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