Wednesday, February 06, 2013


Dyersburg Area Real Estate Sales Statistics January 2013

Here are the Dyersburg real estate sales statistics for January 2013. In my last post I said that I expected an increase for January 2013 over 2012. However strong January started out it ended with a fizzle.

For the entire area that the Dyersburg/Dyer County Board of Realtors covers the month of January total home sales was 16 homes verses 34 one year ago($1,266,299 vs $2,821,641). That is a decrease of 53%.

In just Dyersburg homes sales were 5 homes verses 9 a year ago. That is a decrease of 44%.

The farm sales were pretty flat at only one farm sold verses 2 sold in January 2012.

As I told you in a earlier post the prices here dropped to about  2006 levels but it appears the decline has stopped and prices are slowly inching back up(slowly).

My take is the housing market in Dyersburg has hit bottom and just now beginning to rise slowly. My agents and I have been getting busier with clients purchasing both homes to live in and also investment homes.

The number of new foreclosures hitting the market appears to be slowly on the decline.

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