Wednesday, July 12, 2006


Racing against the school clock!!

In my last post I explained the website activity picking up and what that should translate to.
Well, activity is very brisk with both new people moving to Dyersburg and local people moving up or down. Currently, all of my agents including my office manager are out with clients.

A few posts ago, I predicted a slowdown in sales only because of lack of listed properties. That happened only for a short time but many of the local real estate agents are doing a great job of listing properties. There is currently an adequate supply of homes on the market but they are turning over rather quickly.

I have been talking to agents across the country that say their markets are slowing down and when I ask them why they say because their prices are out of sight. The Dyersburg market is different in that we have not had the double digit increases in home prices for last few years. We have actually had a slowly appreciating market 2-3 % over last few years. This rate is increasing for our market. (I predict 10-15% appreciation in next two years for the "hot" areas)

The local schools start back in a couple of weeks and many people are racing to get their moves completed by back to school.

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