Thursday, October 27, 2016


Dyersburg Real Estate Market Has Taken Off

Our Dyersburg real estate market has finally taken off. All of west Tennessee has been lagging behind middle Tennessee and east Tennessee for the last several months. I have not pulled the numbers(but plan to soon) but we are starting to run out of inventory and this is finally driving up our sales prices. Homes that we have been having trouble selling suddenly become pending sales.

My prediction is the sales prices will soon exceed the list prices in some price ranges and we will see a lot more multiple offer situations. There are lots of families starting to relocate to Dyersburg who are coming for job transfers and new jobs. A new plant just opened in Union City and a new plant is opening very soon in Dyersburg. People relocating to the area for jobs want to live in Dyersburg because of the excellent schools, access to health care and shopping and fairly low crime rate.

Another reason I can tell the real estate business is picking up is because of the sudden increase in rental demand. The rental market has always been good here but over the last 90 days it has accelerated even more.

If you are relocating to the area and need help with a short term rental while we help you look for that right home to purchase, please feel free to contact Mike and his staff at Carousel Realty 731-285-2277. or if you prefer you can call or text Mike direct at 731-589-7841.

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