Sunday, March 07, 2010


More jobs openings in Dyersburg Tn area

The only way to stimulate the economy is with jobs. It's all about jobs.

A friend of mine Darrell Allgood is the plant controller at the Eaton Plant in Newbern,Tennessee. Darrell is a client of mine and I am always asking my business clients about their company and if they are hiring new workers.

When Darrell came in my Dyersburg office yesterday I asked him that question and he told me they could not find enough workers for all the orders they have. I immediately asked him to write out what he was looking for and here is his response:

Looking for dependable plant workers who aren't afraid of getting a little dirty.

Looking for an operations manager

Looking for 2 supply chain Sr. Buyer/Purchaser

Darell's plant make industrial rubber high pressure hoses for many uses. I also have another friend who has worked at this plant for a long time.

If you are interested in a great job with great pay and lots of hours then call 731-627-2531. Tell them Mike Frazier and Darrell Allgood sent you!

I just did another post about a Dyersburg swimming pool installer needing workers.

This information was also posted on Dyersburg Localism information with the hopes that people searching online for jobs in Dyersburg will also find it.

I truly believe the recession is over(at least for the Dyersburg Tn area). If you are considering a move to Dyersburg,Tennessee and want a job then this is a great place to find a job. Frazier Properties and Carousel Realty can offer you short or long term rentals until you are ready to let us assist you with your Dyersburg real estate purchase.


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