Thursday, December 22, 2016


This Reelfoot Lake Log Home Drastically Reduced

If you have ever wanted to buy a Reelfoot Lake home now is your chance! We started out pricing this home at $389,000 and are now at $299,900. It was appraised 2 years ago for $350,000 but when I listed it 9 months ago my valuation showed $330,000.

This 3 bedroom 2 bath log home was built in 1990 and had a couple of additions and a new roof. you have to view this home to believe it. there is a nice boat house that will accommodate a pontoon boat.

The owner is now motivated so don't wait to call me to look. 731-589-7841

Wednesday, November 30, 2016


Dyersburg Real Estate Market Statistics Sept-Nov 2016 vs 2015

Here is a snapshot of the Dyersburg real estate market statistics for September-November 2016 compared to same period in 2015.

These numbers are for all of Dyer County including Dyersburg and Newbern. These numbers include all sales of residential, lots, land, commercial, industrial, and multi family.

                          2016 (Sept-Nov)                                     2015(Sept-Nov)
Total units listed        102                                                         163
Total sold                    77                                                           93
Percent sold           75.49%                                                  57.41% 

From these numbers it appears the market was better in 2015 but notice the inventory of listings dropped from 163 to 102. Also, the average sales price increased from $111,856 in 2015 to $116,835 in 2016. The average days on the market in 2015 was 118 and that dropped dramatically in 2016 to 87.

Last year there were many foreclosures listed and sold and that number has dropped dramatically. My take on the current real estate market is inventories are dropping(due to sales increasing) and sales prices are increasing. There are still some properties on the market that have been listed for quite some time(like my 1591 Laura Lane) but many are selling as prices are rising. The Laura Lane house is reduced to $249,900 so it too should sell very soon.

Dyersburg is getting new industries and consumer confidence since the election is soaring.

2017 might just be our best year ever for the Dyersburg real estate market!

Thursday, October 27, 2016


Dyersburg Real Estate Market Has Taken Off

Our Dyersburg real estate market has finally taken off. All of west Tennessee has been lagging behind middle Tennessee and east Tennessee for the last several months. I have not pulled the numbers(but plan to soon) but we are starting to run out of inventory and this is finally driving up our sales prices. Homes that we have been having trouble selling suddenly become pending sales.

My prediction is the sales prices will soon exceed the list prices in some price ranges and we will see a lot more multiple offer situations. There are lots of families starting to relocate to Dyersburg who are coming for job transfers and new jobs. A new plant just opened in Union City and a new plant is opening very soon in Dyersburg. People relocating to the area for jobs want to live in Dyersburg because of the excellent schools, access to health care and shopping and fairly low crime rate.

Another reason I can tell the real estate business is picking up is because of the sudden increase in rental demand. The rental market has always been good here but over the last 90 days it has accelerated even more.

If you are relocating to the area and need help with a short term rental while we help you look for that right home to purchase, please feel free to contact Mike and his staff at Carousel Realty 731-285-2277. or if you prefer you can call or text Mike direct at 731-589-7841.

Monday, September 19, 2016


This Dyersburg Preschool Is Ready For Fall

This Dyersburg Preschool is ready for fall. If you live in Dyersburg or relocating to Dyersburg we can help.

Let Carousel Realty help you purchase a home in Dyersburg or even rent a place from us until you purchase. And, if you have children between 2.5 years old and 5 years old we may still have some openings in this new Dyersburg Preschool called The Preschool Place.

Friday, July 29, 2016


The Preschool Place Opening Soon In Dyersburg


There is a new Dyersburg preschool opening in the next few days. My wife Gail Frazier and daughter Lauren Frazier are excited about the new venture.

Gail has a teaching degree and both Gail and my daughter have been taking additional classes at Dyersburg State Community College to prepare them for the new school year.

If you have any interest at all please drive by 1007 E. Tickle Street(down from the hospital) and take a tour of the totally renovated facility. It is across the parking lot from Carousel Realty.
Gail can be reached at 731-377-5108 or e-mailed at

Friday, March 11, 2016


Dyersburg,Tennessee Gets Yet Another New Industry

Dyersburg,Tennessee has been picked for a new industry. Yesterday it was announced at the Dyersburg Chamber of Commerce that a German company Devely Mustard & Condiments will be renovating an existing facility here with plans to hire up to 150 new employees.

I am sure one of the reasons Dyersburg was picked was due to the new Dot Food redistribution plant which I am sure will work in close association with Devely.

Here is a link to the announcement yesterday.

Wednesday, September 02, 2015


Relocating To Dyersburg With Plans To Purchase A Home But In Need A Short Term Rental First

Are you relocating to Dyersburg with plans to purchase a home but in need of a short term rental first? 

I would highly recommend you enlist the help of one of the best Realtors in Dyersburg that will assist you with a short term rental until we find you that perfect home to purchase.

Carousel Realty either owns or manages about 80 rental properties consisting of single family homes and apartments. I am Mike Frazier the owner of Carousel Realty.

My agents and I in addition to our support staff are all here to help you with "all" your real estate needs.

If you work with me or any of my highly trained affiliate brokers to purchase a home, you will have the benefit of renting short term from Carousel Realty.

Please don't hire an agent(non Carousel) and then call us for a short term rental. All our short term rentals are for our buying clients.

We are your one source real estate company dedicated to being Dyersburg's professional realtors and we are good at what we do so give us a call at 731-285-2277.

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