Tuesday, October 16, 2018


So How Is The Dyersburg Real Estate Market Oct 16, 2018

Wondering about the Dyersburg real estate market? Let me put it as simple as possible. If you list your home within 2-3% of the actual value it should sell quickly if you have done your home work. By home work I mean is your house presentable? All all the repairs completed? Is there any glaring defects?

 Home sales are actually down only because of the lack of homes on the market. I personally have 6-7 clients just waiting on the right home. Other good agents in Dyersburg also have buyers waiting to purchase. If you are thinking about selling and waiting till spring then this message is for you. Spring in the real estate market is already here. Call or text Mike Frazier at 731-589-7841 to begin the process of selling or even buying your home.

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