Friday, December 23, 2005


Dyersburg's "Hot Christmas Market" 2005 Part II

After writing the last article I have had time to think about why the Dyersburg real estate market is going so well. In my opinion, all the dynamics are in place for Dyersburg to "take off". Dyersburg has for many years been just a small sleepy town with a few factories and shops. Now, with an aggresive chamber of commerce funded by both city and county governments, new plants are moving to Dyersburg and existing plants are expanding.

I read an article on the chamber site about Dyersburg becoming a micropolitan area and will put a link to this article over on the right side of this Dyersburg real estate market blog. According to the article and my own observations, Dyersburg is now a regional shopping area and in addition is adding new manufacturing jobs to support the local economy.

The Dyersburg real estate market has not overheated like many areas of the country but has grown steadily over the last few years.

Now, we are poised to explode!! As I said earlier in the other posts, people are calling and moving from many other parts of the country to take advantage of our low real estate prices. With new jobs moving into the area, this will only escalate the numbers of people moving to Dyersburg and surrounding areas. Please return for additional posts to this blog!!!

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