Thursday, January 12, 2006


Hot market continues into January!!!

Home sales in Dyersburg are still hot! My agents and I are all super busy assisting clients in buying and selling homes. Not only are many people moving into the area but local people are also buying homes and land.

My company is working with several Florida families relocating to Dyersburg. I had a Florida couple leave yesterday to return to St. Petersburg,Florida. We looked at several homes, some of which already had contracts on them. Our Florida clients are all(without exception) looking for lake frontage. In my opinion, our Lakewood community will see a real boost in sales and prices in the coming months.I talked to another Florida guy yesterday that called on one of our listings in Lakewood. That house currently has a contract and two back-up offers. Six months ago, we couldn't even get any kind of offer.

Investment property is also benefiting from out of state buyers. However, many of them are choosing to purchase the investment property and let a local realtor manage the property. I have sold several investment properties over the last few months and my company is managing those properties for the owners.

I will be discussing in the next post what is happening in the raw land market and where I believe it is headed.

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