Thursday, February 02, 2006


"Still hot rolling into February 06"

Market is still moving really well as we move into February. I saw a slight easing of sales in last two weeks but I believe that can be attributed to a lower inventory of homes available to potential purchasers. Nice 3 bedroom 2 bath homes in the price range $85,000-$160,000 are what our customers and clients are looking for primarily.

As I mentioned in the last post, land is also in "big" demand for families wanting to build their dream home. If the home they want could be found on the market "already constructed" then many would opt to buy existing homes.

If you live in Dyersburg and are thinking about selling your home, there has absolutely never been a better time to sell(since 1989 when I started in real estate)
We are literally knocking on doors looking for homes for our clients. If you purchased your home 2 or more years ago and did not overpay for it, you should be able to list and sell your home and have money left over for downpayment on your next home. Call Mike Frazier or any of the agents at Carousel Realty today to begin the process of selling a home or purchasing a home. 800-896-8016 or local 285-2277
You will be glad you made the call!!!!!

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