Friday, March 03, 2006


Demand for homes in Dyersburg area at fast pace!

Here it is Friday March 3rd and the Dyersburg area real estate sales market is booming. We are having a hard time keeping inventory to sell. New homes being built are not keeping up with the demand and this is driving up the demand for existing homes.We have 4 phone lines in the office and not enough agents to answer all the calls.

My agents and I are extremely busy showing clients homes and writing contracts. Alot of this business is from out of town people but there is also alot of local people stepping into the market to upgrade.

With this being said, can you still find a good deal? Absolutely!! There are some houses and properties that are still available at great prices; just overlooked for one reason or another. I have two properties to mention that are great deals. The first is a house on 5 acres with a barn(just outside of Trimble) The reason this is still available is we had a contract fall thru because of their house in Florida not selling. This house is listed on my personal website(link over on right) under the button "Deal of the month". The other bargain is the house on Sir Lionel in Dyersburg. This is only a few years old and the only bargain priced home in the neighborhood(fairly new area). Please hit my personal website to learn more about this property. It is priced to sell at $107,900(owner got transferred).

Please come back in a few days. I plan on discussing a neighborhood started in 1992 that just never "took off". I do not have any properties listed there but plan to work on that as I feel the homes there are poised to take off just like the rest of the Dyersburg real estate market. Please return for our discussion.

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