Thursday, April 13, 2006


April real estate market in Dyersburg!!!

Sales continue to go at a strong pace even with the recent 2-3 days of bad weather.
The demand is in all price ranges with $125,000-150,000 homes in most demand. I currently have several clients looking in this price range if any of you Dyersburg or Dyer county homeowners are reading this. I expect the sales to slow(not demand) in next several months only because of the shortage in existing inventories of properties on the market.

Also, several weeks ago I made a prediction of a tract builder coming to Dyersburg to build 50-100 homes. I just learned that a local developer bought a farm to develop 46-48 3/4 acre lots . The name of the development will be Saddle Ridge. The lots are expected to list somewhere between $16,000-$19,000 per 3/4 acre lot depending on city water or homeowner installed well water. This development will be in the Viar area so close access to Hwy 412 to Jackson,Tennessee. The developer assured me he would be ready to sell lots in next 4-8 weeks. I will have additional information here when it is available to me.

Still many out of town buyers moving to the area. The state I am seeing many of my clients coming out of is Florida. I expect this to continue as the hurricane season heats up. Many of these are looking for lakefront properties and many are ending up in our "Lakewood Community". I now have a blog dedicated to just lakefront/lake access properties. You can view this publication by clicking on the link over on the right of this article.

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