Wednesday, October 18, 2006


Dyersburg rental property update and market conditions in Franklin,Tn!!

Just a quick update for my readers concerning rental properties. My staff and I get about 15 calls a day looking for single family homes to rent. We also get about 10 calls a day for apartments. For the last 6 months the supply for both has all but dried up. We either own or manage over 40 units and they are all full. Only about 8 of these are single family homes. If you are looking for either, please call me to check on availability and if we do not have anything available, we will beat the bushes for you.

Also, I posted last time about my trip to the Tennessee real estate convention and about my discussions with realtors from across the state. I just got off the phone with a realtor from middle Tennessee-Franklin/Cool Springs area. He told me he was too busy with clients to go to the convention. I said in my last post that this area is the busiest area in the state of Tennessee right now. I have added his link over on the sidebar in case our readers want to follow the real estate market conditions in that area.

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