Monday, October 30, 2006


Dyersburg rentals and Dyersburg real estate sales!

I have received at least 20 valid requests for rental properties in the last seven days. It appears that our economy is very strong with several factories expanding their operations. Many are calling who are going to work at NuCore Steel in Blytheville,Arkansas. NuCore is making acquisitions of existing steel mills across the southeast area and bringing these people in temporarily until the new mills are ready. We are also getting calls from people relocating here to work at Quebecor World Press. Also, some consolidation in the rubber industry has people relocating to Dana in Newbern. Just last Thursday, the new plant manager for a Siegel Roberts plant in Ripley walked into my office for information about the local area. There is also a new factory in Blytheville(metal tubing) that has been bringing in a lot of people.

Several months ago, I wrote an article about Dyersburg becoming a micropolitian area. The hugh demand for rentals and single family homes to purchase prove the point that Dyersburg is indeed changing. Even the local hospital is adding several positions(looking to rent and buy).

Because of the changing demand for rentals, this morning I talked to a rental property owner(over 75 units)who told me he would work with me and my clients on a month to month basis instead of a year's lease. Many of my new clients and customers are wanting to rent short term and then after learning the area(after 2-3 months) then purchase. I also offer to my clients month to month rentals on my properties but they are staying full. This new agreement I have in place should help people relocating to our area.

Call us today to help you with your relocation to our area. 800-896-8016

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