Wednesday, November 01, 2006


Dyersburg,Tennessee great place to retire also!

I just read an article listing Memphis,Tn as one of the top 5 places(in USA) to retire as per AARP magazine. An excerp will follow in next paragraph and then if you want to read the entire article, the link will be over on the side entitled "dream town". You may be asking yourself why Mike Frazier would write about this? Dyersburg is only 80 miles north of Memphis and it is true that many of us go to Memphis regularily for shopping or to medical specialists. The cost of living and housing prices are actually lower here than in Memphis. We can enjoy all the amenities of Memphis while living here in a little slower paced environment. Actually, many people are moving here to retire for these reasons.

Memphis, TN, was selected by AARP as one of five "great places
to retire."

We hired a team of researchers to come up with the cheapest
states to live in as a retiree, based on income, property, and sales
taxes. We then factored in weather, recreational opportunities, and
livability (access to health care and transportation), and came up
with five great places to retire.

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