Tuesday, November 28, 2006


Dyersburg,Tennessee real estate market is up!

I just got finished reading an article on money.cnn.com written by Chris Isidore. Chris discusses the real estate market across the country with the general trend down across the board. I have posted a link to that article over on the right entitled "CNN money real estate"

Chris in particular looked at what the median price for homes has done for the month of October 06 verses October 05.

I was very curious what our own market did but ran the numbers for our entire MLS for residential sales(median price for home) for Jan 1- October 31, 2006 and ran the same period for 2005.

The median price for homes for 2005 was $84,000 and the median price for 2006 (same period) was $85,450. That is an increase of 1.7%. I believe Chris Isidore wrote that the median price nationally dropped over 3%. This only confirms what I have been posting in this blog that the Dyersburg real estate market is alive and doing very well.

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