Friday, December 08, 2006


Dyersburg real estate market still good!

Just an update to our readers about the Dyersburg real estate market. I have talked to several agents and many of them say that their business is slowing. I talk to others that say their business is good. My agents and I are still really busy. I do not remember ever being this busy this close to Christmas.

I suspect that the top agents are still busy and the internet savvy agents are still busy. I consider myself in both camps.

I closed on the sale today of a house on 15 acres. I know I could have sold this property 15 times in the last 30 days while waiting to close on this sale. Many of the callers were mainly wanting land or farms. I did list a 10 acre farm three days ago about 2 miles north of Dyersburg. It is a great place to build a home and have the rest of the acreage for outbuildings and/or a barn. Part of this property is in the flood plane as it is right next to Lewis Creek. I have not seen this creek flood for a long long time(since Lakewood community was created with all the lakes)
I expect that when people find out about the availability of this acreage, it will sell. The farmer did tell me he might be willing to sell 1/2 of this farm and continue farming the other half.

We are still seeing alot of people moving in here from other areas. This guy today that bought the house and land moved here from California and he is planning to tear down the house and build himself a home, relocate his daughter to part of this property and his best friend to yet another parcel he is carving out of this property.

We are ready to assist you with your relocation to the Dyersburg,Tennessee area! Please call us toll free at 800-896-8016 or e-mail me on my blackberry
My staff and I are ready to go to work for you!!!

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