Wednesday, December 20, 2006


Dyersburg,Tn market conditions within my company!

After the last article I posted, I got curious about what my company and I have done as far as real estate sales in 2006 verses what we did in 2005. I was shocked to see the increase we experienced this year over last year.

In 2005, my company sold $3.7 million in volume(a new company opened that took some of my agents). In 2006 it appears that we will sell a little over $5.08 million. That is an increase of over 35%.

I decided to take this further to see how I did personally. In 2005 I sold $1.5 million and in 2006 I will have sold(if other two deals close) just over $3.2 million. That is an increase of over 85%.

We have been discussing the Dyersburg real estate market being good but I guess I didn't realize that real estate sales have been this good. After the first of the year, I will pull the data that is available and let you know what our Dyer County board(as a whole) did in 2006 verses 2005.

One big reason I believe we are doing so well at Carousel Realty is because of customer service. We always put our clients first and always work very hard to make the home buying or selling process go smoothly. Because of these efforts, we are getting lots of repeat business and referrals from happy customers.

Just recently, we added a couple of new agents to the Carousel Realty team who have hit the ground running, so I have very high expectations for 2007 and beyond. If you are planning a move to our area, let one of the professional realtors at Carousel Realty assist you with your relocation. Call us toll free today at 800-896-8016.


Do the math again on your personal sales. I believe it is WAY above 85%. Good job, Mike!
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