Monday, February 05, 2007


Dyersburg Tennessee real estate hot in February 2007

I wanted to work on this post this past Saturday the 3rd of February but clients and other realtors kept calling and keeping me busy. I came to the office about 10am and found one of my best agents busy writing a contract. She had just returned from showing a property. I then got a call from another realtor(in another office) who wanted to drop off a contract on one of my listings. I only listed that home 1 week ago. We negotiated that contract all weekend and now my seller will be homeless at the end of the month.

What is the Dyersburg,Tennessee real estate market doing? For homes priced within 2 % of what they would appraise for today, they are selling rather quickly. For homes listed by inexperienced realtors(who often let the seller talk them into an overpriced listing), these homes are on the market for months and months.While not all homes that are priced at or near market value are selling as quick as the home above, most are selling within 60 days. In every sales meeting, I emphasize the importance of pricing listings according to their value today.

For you potential home buyers, ask your realtor to let you sign a buyers agent form which will require them to search the MLS, FSBO's and even knock on doors to find you that right home. And, ask that realtor to perform a market analysis on any home that you are thinking about purchasing.

When you have a seller listed by a professional realtor and a potential buyer signed up with a professional realtor, you end up with a happy seller and a happy new homeowner.


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