Monday, February 12, 2007


More about megasite near Bells,Tn

I ran across this article written by Mike Randle in the Southern Business & Development Magazine. He discusses the current megasites available to industry across the south. In an earlier post I discussed this location as a possible site for a Toyota plant. After further research and reading, I believe that plant will end up in Marion,Arkansas. This is also the opinion of the folks at Southern business & Development magazine.

With that being said, the site(about 20 miles from Dyersburg) should eventually end up with an automobile manufacturer as many of them are trying to build plants in the
"southern auto corridor". If you would like to read more about this story and about the automotive industry relocating to the south just click on this link:

Here's that article:

West Tennessee Automotive Park Crockett County, Tennessee

The latest in a handful of sites anointed by the South's most powerful economic development entity, the Tennessee Valley Authority, the 1,600-acre supersite in Crockett County is located in Fruitvale near Bells, Tenn. It is the second site in Tennessee and the fifth in the South to be certified as a megasite by TVA and its consultant, McCallum Sweeney of Greenville, S.C. The site is located just north of Interstate 40 near Interstate 155, 60 miles northeast of Memphis and 15 miles northwest of Jackson, Tenn. We haven't visited the site as we have many of the others we've written about over the years, however, if TVA has certified it -- there are dozens of sites in TVA territory that have submitted for certification since 2003 and have not received it as of yet, nor will they -- then it's good by our book.
Acres: 1,600Outstanding Features:
* TVA certified* CSX mainline nearby* More than 1,000 contiguous acres* Being marketed as an automotive assembly site exclusively.

I expect to return in a few days with the announcement of where Toyota is going to build that car plant.


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