Tuesday, April 10, 2007


Florida and California clients!

Business is really rocking. I am here in the office at 5:30 this Tuesday morning trying to get caught up. I spent the whole day yesterday with a client from California. He is going to work in Memphis but wants to live here in the Dyersburg,Tn area. This client is moving here with a job but told me if he had not been offered the transfer, he would have moved here anyway. He told me the cost of living has gone out of sight, the taxes have gone way up and traffic is unbearable. These are the comments I am hearing alot from the California folks.

My out of town clients seem to be alternating between California and Florida. Both are also telling me they are taking their "big" profits from their home sales and moving here where prices are more than reasonable.I have been selling real estate since 1991 and I have never seen such a mass influx of people moving here from out of state(especially Florida and California).

Because of the increase in relocation to the Dyersburg area, I have recently
recruited more seasoned real estate professionals. My staff and I work as a team to assist our clients and we are ready to help you buy or sell real estate here in Dyersburg and surrounding areas of west Tennessee.


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