Wednesday, April 25, 2007


Relocation into 10 Tennessee counties area!

Yesterday I went to the dept of ground water protection office here in Dyersburg and their phones were ringing more than mine. I would not have believed it unless I experienced it for myself. I asked the guy what was going on and here is what he said.

I am the 10 county supervisor for Tn ground water protection(septic tanks and fill line)and my office manager here is on vacation. There is another guy working in the office but both of us cannot keep up with all the calls.

He,(Don) then told me for the 10 county area he is covering(in west Tennessee)he is seeing an influx of people relocating from Florida and Oregon. The number one reason for moving (as they are telling him) is the cost of living here being lower and no state taxes). I told Don to add California to his list of states that people are relocating from.


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