Wednesday, May 09, 2007


California clients again!

I spent a few hours yesterday with another family from California. I had set up several homes to look at but while driving around we decided to look at only 2 homes and then look at neighborhoods and finally visit the local golf courses. This couple is planning to retire in August and make Tennessee their new home.

Their #1 requirement is to move to a place where they can play golf 4-5 times a week and not pay a fortune doing it. We visited the local public course and they were very impressed with prices and the actual layout.

What I believe got their attention was when we visited "The Farms" golf and country club. They were impressed with the golf course and the facility. Chris Young met with them and explained the monthly dues and also stated the initiation fee would be waived. This in itself was great but when he told them it also included unlimited play at two other area golf courses(Newbern and Troy),they were hooked. For less than $300 a month, they could play unlimited golf at 3 golf courses(golf cart included).

I really believe they are returning to California to get their home on the market and their stuff packed up for a move to Dyersburg,Tennessee.


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