Monday, May 28, 2007


Dyersburg,Tennessee and Memorial Day

Just wanted to tell all my readers to have a safe and happy Memorial day. I also want to say thank-you first of all to all our veterans that served in our military and a big thank-you to the families of our veterans and active duty military(including reserve). These families have had to sacrifice just as their military family members have. I think back to the previous wars and remember all the men and women that served(and many died in battle) to keep us free.

I also thank God for men who also serve as our presidents. Many of them over the last decades have had to make unpopular decisions to fight unwanted wars. If Pearl Harbor had not been attached or if the world trade center had not been attacked then perhaps we could have avoided two wars.

Please check back later this week when I will discuss the effects the B-paper collapse is having on the Dyersburg,Tennessee real estate market.


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