Wednesday, May 23, 2007


Florida clients again and again!

One of my agents just closed the sale of a beautiful home(on FoxRidge Run)in Dyersburg for a purchase price of $199,900. I met the new owner at the house for his final walk-thru prior to closing. He really got a great house for the money. He and his wife just moved here from Zephyr Hills, Florida.He told me that house would have cost him almost 3 times the money in Florida.

I had a new client call me yesterday from Caruthersville,Missouri(full hook-up campground). He and his wife are travelling with their RV looking at cities and towns in Tennessee. They also are from Florida trying to excape from high prices,over crowding and of course the hurricanes. They live in Lakeland,Florida. We looked at several areas of the county and previewed a couple of homes. They also met with my accountant to find out the tax savings if they are residents of Tennessee.

While they were with the accountant, a lady came into the office(walk-in) who read my marque out front and asked if we really were looking for homes to sell our Florida and California clients? I told her to stick around to meet my "newest Florida clients" who were meeting with the accountant but coming by very soon. This lady then met my Florida clients and told them she had moved here 2 years ago from California. She talked to the Florida couple while I answered the phone. She is getting her home ready to list and sell(I didn't hear why she is moving). I know the home she owns and it is in a great neighborhood and is a great home indeed.


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