Friday, June 15, 2007


Jobs in West Tennessee

I was talking to the human resources director for Quebecor World Press(factory that prints magazines) and she told me yesterday that she had lots of job openings. For all you readers thinking about moving to Tennessee but concerned about getting a job; now is the time to move here. She also told me NSK steering columns and Briggs & Stratton are starting to hire. I also know Maverick Tube and Nucore Steel in Blytheville,Arkansas (45 minute drive from Dyersburg) are both hiring.Lots of jobs available in the Dyersburg,tn area.

Most of my agents are coming and going(to show property) from the office this Friday morning. They are all super busy and the phones are ringing.

If you are considering a move to the Dyersburg area and want to use a professional realtor to assist you, look no further. My team and I here at Carousel Realty are ready to assist you. We are all busy helping other clients but not to busy to help you.


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