Thursday, July 19, 2007


buyers market now

For the last 90 days we have seen our market change from a sellers market to a buyers market. We are experiencing the same market slowdown that we are hearing about across the country. For the last two-three weeks, the phones have been really quiet.

Then about two days ago, the phones started ringing. We are getting floods of calls for rentals and some people wanting to look at homes to buy. I believe people are ending their vacations and thinking again about moving.

We are hearing about several new restaurants coming to Dyersburg. Also,area businesses and industries are still doing well. Dyersburg is definitely growing and lots of people relocating to our area. My friend Jimmy Cooper(another realtor) called me yesterday and said he just had a request from a company wanting to rent 30 apartments for workers they have coming in. I personally own 37 units(houses and apts) and they are all full-and we manage several more units for other people. I would be very surprised if that company finds that many empty apartments.

We may be in a buyers market right now, but I am still bullish long term on Dyersburg.


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