Thursday, August 09, 2007


Dyersburg real estate market shifting into high gear

We have been covered up here at Carousel Realty for the last two weeks. I personally am working almost exclusively with clients coming in from out of state. Florida continues to be our number one state we are getting clients from.

All of my active full time and part-time agents are also busy with clients. I mentioned in a post about a month ago that I thought we had entered a buyers market here but I am not sure about that now. We are starting to have trouble finding our clients homes because many homes in the MLS "just got a contract". I believe our active and available inventory for the entire MLS is starting to shrink.

What that means to you, the person moving in from out of town, is that you need to solicit the help of a seasoned real estate professional. The good experienced professional real estate agent here knows this market and the available inventory. He or she also knows of properties getting ready to hit the market.

I am excited about Dyersburg and the real estate business.

Also, I would like to thank all the realtors who have been reading my posts and commenting on the helpfulness and accuracy of the content.


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