Tuesday, October 23, 2007


What does Dyersburg have to offer?

I talked to a very nice lady at a relocation company the other day and she asked me what Dyersburg has to offer to people thinking about relocating.

After thinking about this for a couple of days, this is what I came up with.

1. We currently have lots of jobs available at factories in and around Dyersburg
2. The city of Dyersburg has an excellent program of youth activities
A. soccer leagues,baseball leagues,basketball leagues
B. excellent community facilities for outdoor and indoor activities
3. Dyersburg is located about 40 minutes from Jackson,Tn where many of the local
people travel for shopping, restaurants, etc. We have several very nice restaurants here
4. Dyersburg is located about 2 hours from Memphis(if Jackson doesn't have it Memphis does)
5. Dyersburg's number one industry is farming(lots of farms and crops)
6. Great churches that reach out to our community
7. Recreation includes hunting and fishing(close to Reelfoot Lake,Mississippi River,other lakes,and wildlife refuges and public and private hunting land)
8. People here in Dyersburg area are for the most part so friendly and courteous
9. Dyersburg State Community College located in Dyersburg
10. Very fine public library
11. Very fine hospital(picture of this facility on new relocation website mentioned over in right column)
12. Some of the best doctors and specialists
13. Many professional realtors to assist you in relocation
14. One of the top chambers of commerce in Tennessee(picture on new relocation website over in right column)
15. Mayor and alderman that care about our community
16. Dyersburg growing and prospering

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