Wednesday, November 28, 2007


Another new factory in the area

Just wanted to make my readers aware that another new factory just opened across the river from Dyersburg,Tn in Armorel,Arkansas. This plant is located just one mile from Nucore Steel and they get their sheet metal material from Nucore. This company is called Roll Coater and they sell many different metal products and actually apply the paint surface to the metal in this new plant.

The reason I mention this company or even knew about this company is because a leasing management company working for them contacted me and rented 2 corporate apartments from me for a few months. After contacts with this company I learned that they hope to be fully staffed(around 70 people) within 2-3 months. They actually started production about 2 months ago and had their grand opening November 15th.

Now what does this have to do with Dyersburg Real Estate? Many of the people going to work at this plant will be just like the Nucore people and choose to live in Dyersburg. A very large portion of the Nucore people do live in Dyersburg. I sold a house to a new Nucore employee just a few weeks ago and I am sure my company will help relocate many of these employees as well.

I have placed a link to the Roll Coater website over in the right colume. The source I talked to at Roll Coater told me they plan to hire about 23 more people in the next few weeks.

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