Wednesday, November 07, 2007


Businee holding up well

I had a couple of agents retire their license last week(non producers) and the rest of my agents and myself are really busy. Many of my agents are writing contracts and showing houses. I am writing a contract and also trying to get a nice home I listed last night into the MLS.

I did a market analysis yesterday for the price range $350,000-$450,000 and was pleasantly surprised. Homes in that price range are still moving and even appreciating. In my last post I mentioned a house I sold for $156,000. That price range also appears to still be doing well in the good areas.

Please do not buy into the national media who say real estate sales are bad everywhere. Real estate sales are not bad in the Dyersburg,Tennessee area. I will have to admit that I am not seeing the 5-6% appreciation we were experiencing but in those two price ranges mentioned above, we are still doing pretty well.

People are still moving into the area and they have to have a place to live. Also, local people are still moving up or moving down. Interest rates for homes have been dropping as of late and that should continue to help sales in our market.


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