Wednesday, November 14, 2007


Investors coming from California to Tennessee

I spent the whole day today showing a California investor commercial properties here in the Dyersburg Tennessee area. We also met an inspector at two commercial properties she has under contract in Newbern. This investor is also a licensed California realtor and she says she has lots of investors ready to purchase here in West Tennessee.

We looked at several commercial properties here and many of them are real possibilities for her clients. I keep hearing the same thing from these California investors,"boy are prices cheap here". I agree that our prices have not skyrocketed like many places around the country and for that reason we are not suffering with falling prices like many parts of the country.

The Dyersburg real estate market is pretty stable right now and my agents and I are still selling alot of property. The dynamics for Dyersburg are good and my short term and long term projections are still very good.


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