Saturday, December 01, 2007


December should be a good month for real estate in Dyersburg

I just got in from showing properties on this beautiful Saturday. Today I have been working with a new production supervisor in a local factory. We looked at three properties with barns. He is relocating his wife,two children and two horses to this area.His price range is somewhere between $135,000 and $175,000. He really liked two of the three properties but wants to look at a few more. If you are a local resident of the Dyersburg area and this profile fits your property you have been thinking about selling, give me a call and lets get it listed. We have a potential buyer right here.

Also, if you live in this area and are waiting to list your home in the spring, please take note: many of the plants and factories bring in new upper and middle management people in December and January. These are the two busiest months for Carousel Realty to help relocate these new management people. If you wait till spring, you completely miss one segment of the buying market.


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