Wednesday, April 02, 2008


Plans off for new steel mill in Blytheville

A few days ago Warren Fabricating & Machining corporation made an announcement that due to economic conditions they are postponing the construction of a new plant in Blytheville,Arkansas.

I recently talked to an engineer who attended the meeting in Nashville when the State of Tennessee met with Warren Fabricating concerning tax incentives for locating in Tennessee(Cates Landing).

It was announced a few days later that Warren had picked Blytheville because of incentives offered by Arkansas but right after that it was announced that the plans were off.

My source(engineer) told me these people really wanted to go to Cates Landing but all the funding has not been secured so Cates Landing might not be completed as quick as originally planned.

I really believe Warren is waiting for the infrastructure to be in place at Cates Landing and then they will "renegotiate" with the State of Tennessee and announce their intent to build a new plant here in Tennessee at Cates Landing.


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