Thursday, May 01, 2008


Dyersburg Tn real estate business returning to normal

If you watch much TV, you will be convinced that the real estate business and home prices are suffering everywhere!

The Dyersburg real estate market is actually doing very well. We were in our weekly training/staff meeting and we discussed "our" sales to date. For me personally, I have already surpassed all of last year. My top agent has also surpassed last year
and it is just May 1st.

In our market today, there are lots of investors buying rental property. In the normal cycle of recovering from slow sales, single family homes recover first followed by rental property.

However, many people are relocating to Dyersburg or our market area for the available jobs but have been unable to sell their homes. These people are renting homes and apartments at a record level.

We are also starting to see a recovery in single family homes. I noticed yesterday that there are about 20 single family homes pending(waiting to close). This is a very healthy number considering the statistics across the country.


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