Thursday, January 14, 2010


Dyersburg real estate market conditions for 2009 vs 2008

As I promised about 3-4 weeks ago, here are the numbers for the Dyersburg Real Estate Market. First of all, I will compare 2009 single family residential for Dyersburg and Dyer County with the same period in 2008.

Quantity of Units Sold    223 in 2009 vs 291 in 2008  (which is a decrease of 23%)

Volume Sold      $22,547,883 in 2009 vs $32,169,779 in 2008   (which is a decrease of 30%)

Average Sales Price   $101,111 in 2009 vs $110,549 in 2008   (which is a decrease of 9%)

Quantity Active  690 in 2009 vs 849 in 2008   (which is a decrease of 19%)

Based on all these numbers it appears that the Dyersburg Real Estate Market is still on the decline but since all my agents are really busy with clients I decided to pull the numbers for Dec 2009 vs Dec 2010.

Quantity of Units Sold   14 in Dec 2009 vs 11 in 2008  (which is an increase of 27%)

Average Sales Price   $124,326 in Dec 2009 vs $98,877 in Dec 2008   (which is a increase of 26%)

Quantity Active  254 in 2009 vs 302 in 2008   (which is a decrease of 16%) actually this is good!

Based on December 09 numbers, I would say that our market has begun to turn the corner but I thought that last year in July when I did a post about the market. Also what might be driving the numbers is the first time home buyer tax credit and also the other home buyer tax credit. We did a post about those earlier. I will be able I think to confirm a continued turn around when I again pull the numbers on Feb 1, 2010 so please come back to see the results!


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