Friday, July 02, 2010


Jobs, Jobs, Jobs in Dyersburg Tennessee

There are starting to be a lot of job openings up in Dyersburg and the surrounding area.

One of my real estate agents just left to work for Sun Products here in Dyersburg. Sun Products makes laundry detergent. They are so busy with new orders that they have been hiring all the "qualified people" they can find. They are having a Dyersburg Job Fair this July 10th(Saturday) at the Sun plant.

Another company that I have mentioned before is Eaton Corporation in Newbern,Tn(8 miles north of Dyersburg). My good friend Darrell Allgood is one of the management people there and he told me just yesterday that they are still hiring "qualified" people to help them with all their international business. I referred a great management type guy to them who they have hired. Both Darrell and the guy hired came in to personally thank me for helping them hook up.

What I mean by "qualified" is someone who has worked in a factory before and has a good work record and good health.

I just got off the phone with a friend who works at Nucore Steel in Blytheville,Arkansas. He says their order books are filled up and company doing great and never really quit hiring people. There are several other plants located near Nucore who either work for Nucore or buy their product. I am sure they are doing great as well.

With World Color closing at the end of the year I am sure many of those employees are finding employment at Sun and at Eaton and quite possible across the river at one of those plants.

If you are considering a move to the Dyersburg area, there are jobs available so please call us to help you either purchase or rent. we can help you with both.


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