Tuesday, January 25, 2011


Dyersburg's Excel Polymers Now Part of Sweden's Hexpol AB

A few weeks ago we heard about our Excel Polymers being purchased by a foreign company. I have been doing lots of digging and this is going to be great for Dyersburg.
Here is a link to the story of the Dyersburg acquisition.

Since I grew up in Dyersburg and returned to Dyersburg after serving in the Air Force, I pretty well know the people who also grew up in Dyersburg.

There are a couple of former Dyersburg guys who are already working for this new company and are actually corporate executives with Hexpol AB North America. Tracy Garrison and Randy Simpson both worked here in Dyersburg at the rubber company before leaving for other rubber manufactures.

I have it from a good source that now Hexpol Dyersburg is bringing in more top executives(some that worked here previously) to work in the Dyersburg plant. I suspect that they also will continue hiring hourly workers. They rehired one of my renters who had been layed off before the new company purchased the plant. He says he is getting all the overtime he wants. Guess I will just have to sell him a house.

This will influence the Dyersburg real estate market in a positive way and also help the employment situation.

With all the bad publicity about Dyersburg lately(most of it unfounded) I am sure the pundits will not mention this good news for Dyersburg.

Before I close I just want to restate that I believe Allen Hester and the local chamber staff are doing a great job under difficult circumstances.


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