Wednesday, August 29, 2012


New Website For Dyersburg Area Home Searches

We now have a new website exclusively for searching for Dyersburg area homes for sale.You will not have to register and you can search by several different parameters.

Not only can you search by minimum and maximum price range but also by city(any city covered by Dyersburg MLS). You can also search by # of bedrooms, # of bathrooms and/or property type(residential,land, commercial).

After you get into the listing itself you will notice all the pictures available as well as other very useful information.

Here is a link to the new Dyersburg real estate search site. Please notice the different cities you can search under. I asked my webmaster why Dyersburg was misspelled twice and he said that was the way some of the listings were entered by the listing agent. Let me apologize for that but I have no control over those agents and those homes will not be picked up under the search for Dyersburg.

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